Sunday, June 17, 2012

June update

2 months had passed since my last update. Been back to hometown for Gawai holiday as been planned earlier. So many things happened during these 2 months, with the changes to my work place by which I had been transferred to another branch which is nearer to my rented home. In the opposite the workload had increased as I've been assigned to another unit which is totally new to me. Had to catch up faster than the previous assigned job. The only thing now is waiting for confirmation as permanent staff. Will update the news as soon as possible.

Work trip to KL during April
 Been up in the air for the third time to KL

Road leading to....(within UPM compound) 

Celebrating mass with CSSUPM at St Anne chapel,UPM 

Visiting Batu Caves 

View from the top of the stairs at Batu Caves 

Inside the Batu Caves 

Be careful with the monkeys...they can be nasty 

Workplace during stay in KL 

Visiting National Muzium 

Road trip to where?(hint: to the south) 

Welcome to Melaka :)

In front of Christ Church Melaka 

Melaka river view 

Along the way to Melaka town 

Home coming for Gawai holiday
View of clouds below 

Minutes to touch down in Kuching...view of Samarahan area below

Before I forgot, Happy Father's Day to all the fathers around the world. ^_^

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